List 1: Things I Love About My Husband

List 1

So for those who don’t know my husband (and let’s face it, most of you don’t know my husband), he’s kind of amazing.  When I tell people that I am a lucky woman, I’m one of those people who mean it with all sincerity because he’s one of those guys who you want in your corner every time.

Now I’m not saying that there aren’t things that drive me crazy about him.  You just can’t be in a real relationship and be married for any length of time and be 100% enamored with your spouse all the time.  Believe me when I tell you that I could do a list just of the things that drive me crazy, but because I like to think of myself as a positive person and because it is our anniversary (5 years today!), I’m going to take the high road and my first list in my 30 Lists in 30 Days Challenge is all about Mike.

And while it seems like an unnecessary step, I’m also going to write each list out by hand.  I know it seems a little stupid, but I feel like it makes it more personal for some reason to see my handwriting there.

And so, without further ado, here is List #1: Things I Love About My Husband:

Written list - Day 1

For those who can’t read my chicken scratches, here’s the typed version:

  • His laugh – literally the most infectious thing you’ll ever hear
  • The way he adores his babies.  BestDadEver.
  • The way he cooks dinner, and lunch, and breakfast.  So good!
  • The way everyone drives him crazy, but his heart is so big, he can’t help but be nice.
  • His brain.  He’s a really smart guy.
  • How hard he works.  He’s a guy who can’t help caring and he works really hard.
  • He’s open to adventures and new things – it’s so much fun to try new things with him.
  • That he claims he doesn’t like snuggling, but I know he secretly likes it a lot.
  • The fact that he’s an adult, but he still knows how to play.

There are many, many more things I could have added to this list, but that could end up being a really long post.  In closing, I’d just like to say thank you to my awesome hunk of man – you are the best partner a girl could ask for.

Mike and Sara

Happy Anniversary!!!

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